The McLarens Pumpkin Hunt

We need your help!!!

Our McLarens pumpkin is playing a trick on us! Whenever we ask him what his name is he tells us something different so we don’t know what it really is!  We need your help to work it out. 

Our pumpkin has attached blue signs throughout our area with 1 letter on each. Follow the map to find the letters then rearrange them into his name and let us know!

On Saturday 31 October between 2pm and 7pm we invite you to follow the pumpkins from Bruntsfield Links to our finishing destination of McLarens on the Corner.

We’re delighted to partner with Bakery Andante in Morningside who have baked a spooky treat for each child as a reward for helping us find out our pumpkin’s name! 

All you have to do is follow this map. When you see a pumpkin marked on the map your challenge is to look high and low to find the blue pumpkin sign.  Note down the letter and solve the anagram! 

How it works

There is no need to sign up and there is no cost involved just follow this map and search for the pumpkin signs on the hunt!

When you arrive at the final destination we will have a ‘covid-19 safe’ system for kids to collect their well-earned treat! The hunt shouldn’t take more than 30mins (depending on how easily you can walk in your costumes!). 

There will be hot chocolate and warm mulled wine available for a small cost. We are delighted to donate the proceeds from these delicious drinks to the Eric Liddell Centre.

It would be lovely to see children in their Halloween costumes although this is not a requirement. Also, if you are unable to complete the walk, please do come to McLaren’s between 2pm and 7pm for a Halloween treat anyway – we’d love to see you!

Social Distancing

We’ve done as much as we can to ensure social distancing and to look after you all. We’re sorry that we won’t be able to listen to any jokes, songs or poems from the kids as we want to avoid any queueing as much as possible. If your kids are able, please do tag us in any Halloween jokes or songs on social media so we can see them – we won’t share them but it would really warm our hearts to see the excitement.

Please wear masks and adhere to current government guidelines when you come to McLarens.  This year our staff’s Halloween costumes will be full PPE so we can protect you and us!

We’re so happy to be able to do something for our community and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all.

We’ve been asked a lot about ordering food for collection at the end of the hunt.  Please click here to order any dishes, meals or pizza making kits or drinks in advance or on the day.