Our brand new Ski Gondolas are set up and waiting for you! We’ve had a lot of enquiries about them so thought we’d take this opportunity to answer some quick questions:
  1. While they won’t take you up to the secret ski resort that we’ve been hiding in The Loft, they make for a great outdoor dining experience.
  2. Connecting is what it’s all about: they’re great for date nights, family bonding and friendly catch ups thanks to their cosy interior. 4 people maximum.
  3. Dig in! For tables of 3 or less, we can offer our full food and drinks menu. For tables of 4, we recommend sharing platters.
  4. Each gondola is wearing a metaphorical mask. We do a complete wipe down and sanitisation of booths between sittings to ensure that you are as safe as possible and when you dine with us.
  5. Baby it’s cold outside, but not inside our gondolas! We have lots of options to keep you warm.
  6. If you join us in a gondola please do tag us in any social media pictures you share! We’d love to see them.
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