wine dining - australia

Join us on the corner for an unforgettable wine dining experience!

Date: Tuesday, 23rd April
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: £50 per person
Limited Spaces Available

Indulge your senses as we take you on a journey through the finest wines from Australia & New Zealand, expertly paired with a delectable five-course menu.

Menu Highlights:

🍴 Chef’s Choice of Canapés
Savour the chef’s selection of tantalising canapés to kickstart your culinary adventure.

🥖 Warm Bread & Butter
Enjoy freshly baked bread served with creamy butter.
Amrit Pinot Gris, 2017
Delight in the crisp and refreshing flavours of Amrit Pinot Gris, perfectly paired with our chef’s selection.

🦐 Barbecued Prawns
Tantalise your taste buds with succulent barbecued prawns, complemented by a zesty mango salsa and lime & coriander oil.
Grosset Riesling, 2018
Sip on the exquisite Grosset Riesling, enhancing the flavours of our Asian-inspired prawn dish.

🐖 Soy BBQ Pork Belly
Indulge in tender soy BBQ pork belly served with pickled oyster mushroom, zesty quinoa, and charred tenderstem, finished with a touch of fresh chilli.
Shaw & Smith Chardonnay, 2017
Savour the buttery notes of Shaw & Smith Chardonnay, perfectly paired with our delectable pork belly creation.

🥩 Chateaubriand
Experience the epitome of steak perfection with our succulent Chateaubriand cooked to your preference, accompanied by blue cheese duchess potatoes and wilted rocket & spinach.
Thorny Devil Grenache, 2017
Sip on the rich and velvety Thorny Devil Grenache, enhancing the flavours of our signature Chateaubriand dish.

🍰 Pavlova
Conclude your culinary journey with a heavenly pavlova topped with mango, passion fruit, and lemon balm.
Antipodean Punch
Refresh yourself with our Antipodean Punch, a delightful blend of Pinot Gris, Lillet, mango, aloe vera water, kiwi, lime, and sugar.

Reserve your spot now for an evening of fine wine, exquisite cuisine, and unforgettable moments at McLaren’s!